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Client Services

We strive to simplify our clients’ lives.

Meet Our People

Client Service Team

Each client has a dedicated client services resource to implement portfolio changes and provide administrative assistance.

The service team coordinates all documentation and instructions to ensure account opening and fund transfers are done in a timely and secure fashion, and to assist with any inquiries or administrative support our clients require.


Sophisticated Reporting

We generate monthly statements that consolidate all essential information regarding each client’s portfolio into one comprehensive report.

Reports are accessible via our secure reporting website.  This site acts as a library for all communications sent to clients, including performance reports, quarterly commentary and tax information, as well as any documents the client wishes to upload to the portal.


Coordination of Service Providers

Our client service team assists our partners in coordinating with our clients’ external service providers.  We recommend, monitor, and coordinate services relating to:

  • Tax compliance
  • Bill payment
  • Private banking and lending
  • Life insurance and property/casualty insurance
  • Complex issues relating to art, aviation, and other special interests

Our Client Service Team focuses on:

Account administration and portfolio implementation.

Transaction processing

Cash flow management


Additional client inquiries

Coordination of service providers

Our contact details are below or you may use this form to send us an email.

Ehrenkranz Partners 375 Park Avenue New York, NY 10152

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