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Investment Management

We have decades of experience investing
on behalf of sophisticated, multi-generational families
across asset classes and investment cycles.

Meet Our People

Investment Philosophy

While our goal is always the same – to prudently grow existing wealth while preserving capital – we recognize that each client is unique.

We have no standard asset allocation. We construct customized investment portfolios tailored to each client’s needs.  We invest across all asset classes on a global basis.


Investment Access

Our reputation as patient stewards of capital affords our clients access to certain managers that may be difficult to access.

We are fully independent with an open architecture, and client fees are our only source of revenue. Our goal is to provide unbiased advice solely in pursuit of our clients’ best interests. Our investment portfolios are available only to our clients and the partners of our firm.


Investment Experience

Our firm has served individuals and families of substantial means for over 50 years.

The senior members of our Investment Committee each have decades of experience in identifying and evaluating investment opportunities. Over this period, we have developed an extensive network and established a reputation as a high-quality capital partner.

Key Benefits of our Investment Management Services

Customized investment portfolios based on individual client needs

Dedicated program in sustainable environmental, social, and governance oriented strategies (ESG investments)

Access to leading managers across both traditional and alternative asset classes

An independent investment process focused on providing unbiased recommendations.

Ability to structure both active and passive portfolios

Integration with tax and estate planning

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Ehrenkranz Partners 375 Park Avenue New York, NY 10152

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